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Welcome to hongwellpackaging.co.uk. 


My aim on this website is to record the various types of packaging that Hongwell 1/72 models have appeared in.

The information has been sourced mainly from my own collection and several of my friends collections.


As you will see when you look through the pages on this website, Hongwell models have appeared in many different types of packaging.  Some of the packaging may be familiar as it has been available in many countries, in particular the various Cararama packaging. Some or the packaging has only been available in limited areas of the world, and sometimes has been unique to one country.


My aim is to try to record all of these different packages, though I am sure that there are many others which we have not yet found.


I have added a 'site updates' page where I am recording the pages where there is some new information or photographs.  Some of this information will relate to known previously packaging and some will be newly discovered.


If you find any packaging that is not yet recorded in the following pages, or indeed any errors, please send me an email via the 'Contact Me' page, which you can find along the tabs at the top of the page.


I would like to thank all my collecting friends around the world for their help in assembling the information on this website.


I hope you find the following pages useful and informative.



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August 2020


Set of two Minis (one 1/72 the other 1/43) from Hong Kong

in a special metal box.