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About me

I have collected Hongwell 1/72 models for a number of years.  I first found these models while we were on holiday on the south coast.  I noticed the detail of the models and thought that they would be an excellent addition to my model railway. Since then the railway has remained in its boxes in the loft, and collecting Hongwell 1/72 models has taken over.


Over the past few years I have added to my collection, concentrating mainly on the models themselves, but always being aware of the importance of keeping the boxes as well as the model itself.  I have had the good fortune to have been in contact with many like-minded collectors around the world and our collections have grown together.


Recently, while searching through my spare models, I became aware of how many different types of packaging I had.  My good friend Domenico, in Italy, has an excellent website showing his collection of models and packaging.  He inspired me to start collecting the packaging as well, and to record it on a website.  


On my website I am trying to record ALL the types of packaging we have seen (Not just the ones I have in my own collection).  Most of the photographs are of either my own collection, or Domenicos.  Others are from various other collectors and sources.  The aim of my own collection is to try to get as many of these different packaging types as possible, and if I can not actually obtain them for myself, then I will settle for a photo…..


I anticipate the contents of this website will change over time, as new packaging is used, and other older packaging comes to light.  I have a ‘Wanted’ page at the end of the website.  If you have, or know where I might obtain any of these I would be glad to hear from you.  Also if you have any different packaging details I can add to the website, please let me know. You can email me from the 'Contact Me' page.



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