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The majority of packaging types fall into the 'Cars Only' section.  This section has been split up depending on how many cars there are on the packaging.  As there are so many in the 'single car' catagory, these have been split into several different sections, namely:

(1) Single Blister Cararama - The standard Cararama brand packaging, (altered to carry distributers logos in a few cases).

(2) Single Blister Germany - Single blister packaging from Germany.

(3) Single Blister Others -  Single blister packs from other countries.

(4) Single Moulded plastic top - These are models mounted on a card plinth, or more recently a flat card, with a clear palstic lid.

(5) Single Perspex in Box - These are the standard perspex box, which have a card outer box.

(6) Single Perspex in Sleeve - These are a recent change, in that the card box does not have any ends and is effectively a sleeve cover.

(7) Single Perspex Only - These are the standard perspex box, but with no outer card cover.

(8) Single Small Paper Box - These are small card boxes with the model presented at a angle to the viewer through a thin plastic window.

(9) Single Large Paper Box - These are larger versions of the smal paper box, but the model is attached to a flat card insert.


The multi-car boxes are either vertical, where the cars are displayed sideways facing left, one on top of the other in moulded plastic inserts, or horrizontally, where the cars are displayed next to each other at a slight angle.  Most multi-packs are card boxes with thin plastic windows.  Some, however, are in large perspex boxes (the four car packs, and some of the three car horizontal packs).  In some of the ten and  twenty packs the models are each attached to their own plastic plinth and frame, which are attached together forming a larger display case.


In some cases, for example the Kitahara yellow Samba set, the models are in individual perspex boxes, which as a set are displayed in their own unique box.  I have classed this as a 12 pack, but it these are also available in Kitahara individual boxes.

20 Pack AAAAA Blister single AAAAA Four pack AAAAA Single Perspex Ten Pack H AAAAA Three Pack AAAAA Three Pack H AAAAA Single paper small Single jelly mold AAAAA

Twenty Pack

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