A HongwellCollector website


It has been interesting trying to find a way of separating the various types of packaging into types, or sections.


I have decided on the following categories: Cars Only, Transporter Sets, Play Sets, and Other Packaging.


The 'Cars Only' section contains the packaging which contains only cars, and no accessories. These are split into sections depending on the number of cars in the set.


The 'Transporter Sets' contain the various types of sets containing transporters. This is then split into various different types of transporter sets.


The 'Play Sets' are the other standard packaging, containing cars and other accessories, including buildings, and larger vehicles in some cases. This section also includes the small and larger dioramas.


The 'Other Packaging' section includes the cars and vans with trailers: caravans, boats, horse boxes and others.  Also included in this section are the various other Hongwell, and non-Hongwell packaging.



The final part of the website is 'Themes'.  Sometimes there is a series of models produced in specific packaging, for example there are six Jeeps in the series in single perspex boxes with card outer box. There is a set of 12 models in the Superdrug blue single small paper box. There are also some series which use various different packaging within the series, for example the 'Black Bauer' series, and the two 'Junior Driver' packaging types.  Under the heading of 'themes' I have brought together some of these series.