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Other Packaging

The majority of packaging types has been dealt with in the previous sections of this website.  There is always items which have to be catagorised as 'Other Packaging'.


This section includes separate pages for: cars with caravans, cars with boats, and cars with other trailers.


There are also several 'presentation sets'.  These are sets where the models are in their individual perspex boxes, but are presented as a set within a larger card box.


There are two other specific pages for the Pepsi models, and the R-Type car and DX-Racer single models.  These are interesting, as the Pepsi models are also branded 'Cararama' on the packaging, and contain a car plus a tin box, plus a calender card.  There are two types of this Pepsi set: One general release, the other released in Hong Kong.

The R-Type cars and DX-Racer contain one car, and a small packet of sweets.  On the reverse of the packaging the models in each set is shown.


The penultimate page of models is the 'Other Hongwell Packaging', containing pictures of the other 'Cararama' branded packaging.


The final section is the 'Other Non-Hongwell Packaging': This is where pictures of Japanese VO5 series models, and the Twinnings Tea series, and garage cafe series.  Also, one off models, for example the ADAC beetle (100 years), the magazine give-away model, and the German beer pack.