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  Play Sets

         The 'Play Sets' are the other standard packaging, containing cars and other accessories, including buildings, and larger vehicles in some cases. This section also includes the small and larger dioramas.


        The vertical play sets contain vehicles at the top, visible through a thin plastic window, and a building underneath.  The vehicles relate to the building, so there are two police cars and a police helicopter with a police station, a fire engine and van for the fire station, three cars for the car showroom, etc.  There are two basic types of this box, one with a tab at the top, and the other without the tab.


         The dioramas are horrizontal boxes, with two rows of models, claely visible through a clear window.  The  contents vary, but usually are either the same emergency service, or a mixture of emergency services.  The smaller diorama usually contains 3 vehicles, (or 4 with the breakdown truck) and the large diorama contains five vehicles.


        The flat play sets are considerably larger.  They contain several vehicles, and buildings, as well as further accessories, for example: road signs, straight road sections and a roundabout. These pieces can be joined together to create a street, and other sets can be added.