January 2012 Revised 'Theme' page Single Perspex -Sleeve updated/corrected Themes: Pepsi - completed Themes: Japanese Truck set - completed Themes: Hachette - Updated Themes: Collection Blister sets - updated
First Cararama Blister V1 First Cararama Blister V2 Cararama Large Diorama 1 Rollet Collector Dioramas
February 2012 Single Blister Cararama Other Transporters Transporters - sets with plastic lids Themes - Wentoys Single Perspex in Box
May 2012 Single perspex Sleve Transporter set with Carry handle Themes: Hatchette Series (now complete) Other Packaging: Non Hongwell Themes: Cararama Blister V1
June 2012 Themes: Dioramas - Russian Dioramas Large paper single box variations - Cararama Themes: Cararama rally Series Cars Only: 3 Car Pack (H) Two packs - Russian series variations
December 2012 Other packaging - Non Hongwell packaging Transporter sets - Transporter with 4 cars Themes - blister packs - First Cararama Blister V1
April 2013 Themes: Small Dioramas - Cararama Themes: Small Dioramas - J Driver2 Themes: Single Blister: Columbus Themes: Single Blister - Dickie Themes: Single Blister - Toy Time Themes: Single Blister - Speed Zone
April 2013 Themes: Single Blister- Trend Fair Themes: Single Blister - R Type 1 Themes: Single Blister - Cararama Themes: Single perspex - Rally Series Transporter set: Small carry case
July 2013 Single perspex - sleeve Themes - Bauer Black series Other Packaging - cars with other trailers
June 2014 Themes: Eurasia Transporters - sets with plastic lids Three pack (Horizontal) Themes - World Speed Series
July 2014 Themes - Single perspex: WonderLand