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In this section I have tried to group together packaging themes or brands, to demonstrate the wide variety of packaging that Hongwell have produced over the years.


There are many different packaging sizes and shapes available, as you can see from the other pages on this website.  Some themes contain many different forms of packaging, others only two or three, and some only one type.


Some sets are only found in one type of packaging, sometimes this is a blister pack, and sometimes it is a single box. Often the card on the blister pack is specifically designed for the set, or, in the case of the single boxes, the outer card box is designed for the set.  


Where there are many different packaging types used there is a common design for the series.  These series are featured in the 'Themes with multiple packaging types' section.


All four of the links work on the pages below, however, not all of the links on the folowing pages have been completed. I hope over the next few months to be able to complete all of the pages, although (as you will see) my collection does have a few gaps in!


Updated: April 2012